Sublimation Shopping Tote Bag 12″x10″

These blank tote bags are suitable for sublimation, They are ideal for you to DIY various kinds of patterns according to your preferences,which can absorb dye well and will not melt in the heat transfer process.

Sold in Packs of 10



Tiered Price

1 - 4 $28.50
5 - 9 $23.50
10+ $18.50

Our shopping sublimation tote bag is perfect to print and supply to schools, colleges and your every day shopper the prints have a high quality finish and is even ethically produced.

Imaging Instructions
  1. Place two pieces of plain paper on your heat press.
  2. Tape imaged sublimation paper to the shopping bag with heat tape. The printable sides should be facing each other.
  3.  Place the shopping bag with taped imaged sublimation paper in heat press with the paper on top.
  4. Place a piece of plain paper on top.
  5. Press at 400˚F for 30 seconds. Note: Do NOT use a Teflon sheet when pressing.
  6. Once pressing is done, immediately peel off the sublimation paper.
  7. Leave shopping bag to cool on a table.
EquipmentHeat Press
Application Temperature400°F (205°C)
Time30 seconds

1-4, 5-9, 10+