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Sign Vinyl High Gloss Lumina 4200 12″

Unit of Measure : Yard

Minimum Order : 5 Yards

Color Quantity(yard) Price Per yard Price
Black&White 5  $                     13.65  $                     2.73
Black&White 50 (Full roll)  $                   99.50  $                     1.99
Color 5  $                     14.95  $                     2.99
Color 50 (Full roll)  $                  108.50  $                     2.17
Contact us to get quotation if you want to order more than 5 rolls.

FDC Lumina 4200 Intermediate Ultra High Gloss Vinyl Film is an ultra high gloss calendared vinyl film. This product is recommended for outdoor and indoor uses where a high quality marking film is needed for flexibility, durability and resistance to sunlight. This film can be used for architectural signage, P.O.P graphics and decals, banners, striping, window graphics and lettering.



Weight 0.3 lbs
Color 4200

4200-001ed, 4200-000-Clear, 4200-200-Matte-Clear, 4200-002-Gloss-White, 4200-049-Matte-White, 4200-202estful-White, 4200-102-Cr-White-Blue-Liner, 4200-007-Silver, 4200-050-Medium-Grey, 4200-003-Gloss-Black, 4200-268-Flat-Black, 4200-040-Matte-Black, 4200-008-Brown, 4200-004-Gold, 4200-068-Beige, 4200-182-Sunbeam-Yellow, 4200-080-Matte-Yellow, 4200-067-Primrose-Yellow, 4200-025-Sunflower, 4200-006-Yellow, 4200-113-Coral, 4200-133-Tangerine, 4200-014-Tomatoed, 4200-125-Wild-Cardinaled, 4200-172-Poppyed, 4200-001 Red, 4200-012-Burgundy, 4200-076-Magenta, Rose Gold, 4200-124-Fiesta-Pink, 4200-063-Violet, 4200-075-Lavender, 4200-074-Royal-Purple, 4200-168-Plum, 4200-011-Dark-Blue, 4200-266-Patriot-Blue, 4200-017-Sapphire-Blue, 4200-005-Blue, 4200-032-Azure-Blue, 4200-018-Olympic-Blue, 4200-108-Peacock-Blue, 4200-206-Breakfast-Blue, 4200-071-Teal, 4200-142-Forest-Green, 4200-024-Dark-Green, 4200-126-Emerald-Green, 4200-061-Kelly-Green, 4200-252-Mint-Green, 4200-257-Lime-Green


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