Jetcol® High Speed Dye Sublimation Paper


This 95 gsm paper is a favorite among high-speed printers, delivering fast-drying properties and an outstanding transfer yield. What sets it apart is the unique in-line coating applied at the factory, ensuring the truest and most consistent transfer paper experience. You won’t need any external dryers when using this remarkable paper. Ideal for home decor, signage, hard substrate, and sportswear.





Jetcol® High Speed is a true to its name. Often used on high speed printers, the 95 gsm paper combines fast-drying time with an exceptional high transfer yield. What makes this possible is the unique coating that’s applied in-line from the factory for the truest, most consistent transfer paper. Best of all, no additional external dryers are needed when running this paper.

Home Decor – Home furnishing markets are quickly moving to sublimation printing for textiles such as pillows, blankets and curtains. These products face many print challenges for consistency in color. Our Jetcol® High Speed was developed as a specialty paper tailor-made to ensure consistent color every time.

Signage – The signage market defines itself by vibrant colors and extreme details. In a market still working with several ink grades like sublimation inks based on water and solvents, Jetcol® High Speed allows you to print flawless signage with results that pop with color, grab attention and get noticed.

Hard Surface – Driven by the creativity of designers around the world, the market of digital dye sublimation on rigid materials is expanding fast. Offering boundless diversity which results in extraordinarily colorful products. With Jetcol® High Speed, ink dries fast, and colors will be outstanding.

Sportwear – Sportswear companies need a reliable solution for the textile printing of their garments. Jetcol® High Speed digital transfer papers is the answer. This specialty paper can run at high speed printing with exceptional drying time, crisp detail and outstanding production consistency.


Weight53 lbs
Sublimation Roll Width

44", 64"

■ Excellent drying speed■ Outside of the roll is the coated / print side
■ High rub resistance of printed paper■ Ideal for industrial and plotter printers using
water-based sublimation inks
■ Wide range of sizes and specifications
PRINT ROOM SETTINGSStorage & Handling:  Store paper in original
packaging only. Avoid direct sunlight and
extreme temperatures. Place roll in printing
room 24 hours prior to printing to acclimate to
conditions. Do not leave rolls hanging on printer
■ Ideal print room temperature is 73°F
(23°C) and 50% relative humidity
■ Maintain ideal print room climate control
for good dimensional stability, flatness or
paper and faster ink drying
Jetcol High Speed44443′6.5
Jetcol High Speed64443′6.5

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