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Jetcol® DHS Dye Sublimation Paper

Jetcol® DHS offers a way to print complex images with stunning quality on to hard surfaces faster that ever before. This revolutionary
dye sublimation paper is equipped with a coating that keeps the ink on the surface of the paper. This leads to a reduction of transfer
time using less ink with greater transfer yield resulting in a larger color gamut for brighter, vibrant results.


Dye sublimation manufacturers, whether desktop or wide format, are always looking for a

way to increase their production capabilities while reducing labor and consumables costs

without adding equipment. This seemed nearly impossible until we created Jetcol® DHS

with a patented coating that uses 40% less ink with about 50% less transfer time. This

allows manufacturers to increase production by almost 100% while using less consumable

ink. Improving their bottom-line without increasing cost.

Sublimation Roll Width

44", 64"

High transfer yield ■ Image must be printed in reverse
Requires a shorter transfer time ■ Desktop and wide format to print
on the side without the grid
 Large color gamut
PRINT ROOM SETTINGS Storage & Handling: Store paper in original
packaging only. Avoid direct sunlight and
extreme temperatures. Place roll in printing
room 24 hours prior to printing to acclimate to
conditions. Do not leave rolls hanging on printer.
Ideal print room temperature is 73°F
(23°C) and 50% relative humidity
Maintain ideal print room climate control
for good dimensional stability, flatness or
paper and faster ink drying
Plotter 44″ 236′ 5.7


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