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Hiker Self Piercing Grommets,#2 (SPW) 3/8″ Long Barrel


We carry all Hiker self piercing grommets, including standard and long barrel grommets. The long barrel grommets (available for #2 hole size only) can be used for grommeting thick materials such as 10 mm thick coroplast. All Hiker grommets are made with high quality brass material. Available colors are brass, nickel-plated (over brass material) and chemical black (coated over brass material).

Hiker SPW #2 Grommets is with inside Diameter 3/8″ and outside Diameter 3/4″, Long Barrel Height is 3/8″ tall, it comes with package of 100 Pcs, 500 Pcs and 1000 Pcs.

Hiker SPW #2 Grommets works with Hiker Grommet Press with SPW die.


Brass100 $      31.50
Brass500 $    115.00
Brass1000 $    207.00
Nickel/Black100 $      36.20
Nickel/Black500 $  126.50
Nickel/Black1000 $  238.05



Self-piercing grommets eliminate extra steps and save time, which saves you money!  How?  The tips of the barrels on each grommet are sharper and the material is more rigid, which allows the grommets to cut their own perfect sized holes every time.  This eliminates the need to ‘pre-cut’ holes, saves labor hours and provides the framework for a quality grommet setting with every insertion.  Having the grommets cut their own holes also eliminates the extra cost of purchasing and maintaining a separate hole-punch and allows significant savings.

Weight2 lbs

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1000PCS, 100PCS, 500PCS

CodeSizeIDODLUFAvailable Finishes
SPU#01/4″1/2″5/32″Brass, Nickel Plated (Silver), Chemical Black
SPV#15/16″5/8″3/16″Brass, Nickel Plated (Silver), Chemical Black
SPW#23/8″3/4″3/16″Brass, Nickel Plated (Silver), Chemical Black
SPX#37/16″13/16″7/32″Brass, Nickel Plated (Silver), Chemical Black
SPY#41/2″15/16″7/32″Brass, Nickel Plated (Silver), Chemical Black
SPZ#55/8″1 1/8″1/4″Brass, Nickel Plated (Silver), Chemical Black
ID = Inside Diameter
All given dimensions are approximate.

Grommet dimensions vary between manufacturers for various reasons, such as proprietary designs, different manufacturing techniques, etc.
OD = Outside Diameter
LUF = Length Under Flange

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