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Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl Lumina 9105 20″

 Lumina 9105 Glitter series is switched to Siser Glitter, if you need any particular color in 9105 series, contact us and we will find matching color for you.


FDC Lumina 9105 Series glitter heat transfer film is designed for application to textiles, with an attention grabbing glitter look that adds sparkle to your graphic. For use on 100% cotton, 100% polyester and poly/cotton blends.

New colors: Galaxy (040), Chocolate Brown (161), Seafoam (208), Neon Pink (076), Neon Blue (108), Neon Purple (135), Neon Yellow (182), Neon Green (247) and Neon Orange (248). These 8 new colors have recently been added to this 9105 series.

Technology: PVC
Film thickness: 12.8 mil
Finish: Gloss
Liner: PET with pressure sensitive adhesive (sticky back)
Application: 100% polyester, 100% cotton, poly/cotton blends
Peel: Cold
Available colors: All colors on the chart
Available roll sizes: 20″ wide, length from 1 to 50 yds

Weight 0.55 lbs
color 9105

9105-002-White, 9105-003-Black, 9105-040-Galaxy, 9105-195-Onyx, 9105-271-Black Diamond, 9105-007-Silver, 9105-272-Multi Platinum, 9105-004-Gold, 9105-205-Aztec Gold, 9105-224-Rose Gold, 9105-273-Fool's Gold, 9105-008-Brown, 9105-161-Chocolate Brown, 9105-274-Burnt Orange, 9105-001-Red, 9105-198-Vivid Red, 9105-057-Rasberry, 9105-163-Pink, 9105-160-Dark Magenta, 9105-164-Amethyst, 9105-075-Lavander, 9105-017-Sapphire Blue, 9105-030-Dark Blue, 9105-005-Blue, 9105-191-Aquamarine, 9105-192-Neptune, 9105-024-Dark Green, 9105-208-Sea Foam, 9105-106-Medium Green, 9105-257-Lime Green, 9105-074-Royal Purple, 9105-252-Mint, 9105-182-Neon Yellow, 9105-248-Neon Orange, 9105-076-Neon Pink, 9105-135-Neon Purple, 9105-108-Neon Blue, 9105-247-Neon Green


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