Sign Vinyl DC Premium Cast Lumina 2100 24″

FDC Lumina 2100 Premium High Performance Vinyl Film has superior cutting and weeding properties and outstanding outdoor durability


FDC Lumina 2100 Premium High Performance Vinyl Film has superior cutting and weeding properties and outstanding outdoor durability. Perfect for permanent graphics, striping, marine applications, vehicle graphics and awnings.

Key features:

Film Technology: Cast – PVC
Film Thickness: 2.0 mil
Finish: Gloss; some matte finish colors also available
Blockout: N/A
Outdoor Durability: 9 years opaque colors, 6 years metallic colors
Adhesive / Color: Permanent / Clear – Acrylic
Liner: 78# Kraft paper
Conformability: Flat, curves, rivets and corrugations
Printing: thermal transfer, screen
Available colors: 90 opaque colors; 37 metallic colors (see the color charts below)
Available sizes: width 24″ up to 60″; length from 1 to 50 yds depending on width

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Weight 0.550 lbs
color 2100

2100-000-clear, 2100-200-matte clear, 2100-002-Gloss White, 2100-049-matte white, 2100-102-Crystal White, 2100-227-slate grey, 2100-122-Light Grey, 2100-028-Dove Grey, 2100-050-medium grey, 2100-110-dark slate, 2100-052-Dark Grey, 2100-040-Matte Black, 2100-003-Gloss Black, 2100-008-brown, 2100-250-Sundried Tomato, 2100-174-Taupe, 2100-179-saddle, 2100-178-Sand Pebble, 2100-068-Beige, 2100-026-Oyster, 2100-218-parchment, 2100-107-Almond, 2100-182-Sunbeam Yellow, 2100-067-Primrose Yellow, 2100-231-golden yellow, 2100-006-yellow, 2100-123-Dark Yellow, 2100-180-Terra Cotta, 2100-248-Pumpkin Orange, 2100-009-Orange, 2100-133-Tangerine, 2100-169-warm red, 2100-014-Tomato Red, 2100-125-Wild Cardinal Red, 2100-060-Bright Cardinal Red, 2100-232-fire red, 2100-001-Red, 2100-042-deep cardinal red, 2100-012-Burgundy, 2100-242-Medium Burgundy, 2100-113-Salmon Pink, 2100-076-Magenta, 2100-124-Fiesta Pink, 2100-056-Hot Pink, 2100-058-Dark Magenta, 2100-135-Dark Orchid, 2100-253-Lilac, 2100-063-Violet, 2100-075-Lavender, 2100-114-raspberry, 2100-168-Plum, 2100-074-Royal Purple, 2100-137-deep purple, 2100-011-Dark Blue, 2100-005-blue, 2100-239-Majestic Blue, 2100-017-Sapphire Blue, 2100-140-Intense Blue, 2100-032-Azure Blue, 2100-225-Copenhagen blue, 2100-214-medium blue, 2100-018-Olympic Blue, 2100-252-Sea, 2100-116-Dark Aqua, 2100-117-Real Teal, 2100-246-Aquamarine, 2100-141-Shadow Blue, 2100-130-Teal Blue, 2100-129-medium teal, 2100-138-light navy blue, 2100-247-vibrant green, 2100-257-Lime Green, 2100-069-Apple Green, 2100-181-Willow Green, 2100-106-Medium Green, 2100-061-Kelly Green, 2100-126-emerald green, 2100-024-dark green, 2100-142-Forest Green, 2100-170-dark forest green, 2100-047-Buckskin, 2100-048-camel, 2100-059-immitation gold, 2100-071-teal, 2100-053-dark bahama blue, 2100-139- wedgewood blue, 2100-159-wineberry