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Dae Ha DTF Film 24″ Ultra Color Hot Peel

  Introducing our new  remarkable 24″ 3 MIL Matte Dae Ha DTF hot peel film, it was produced by the coating experts​ as a long-term development program comes with advanced coating technology, and attention to detail, brings you the highest and consistent quality DTF Film on the market. And the most important thing is you can save costs of Ink, Hotmelt Powder even Electricity thanks to our technology. 

Dae Ha DTF HOT PEEL Film is CPSIA certified chemical safety!

  • Dae Ha Co, DTF certify with OEKO-TEC Standard 100 for safe direct contact to skin material
  • Made with 100% recyclable films by PolyEthylene Terephthalate.


Dae Ha DTF film offers the convenience of being a genuine 100% INSTANT HOT PEEL, perfect for a seamless design process. If your production methods prefer it, you can also opt for a WARM or COLD PEEL.

The highest ink absorption capacity among all DTF films on the market, guaranteeing you the highest quality transfers.

Matt/Matt coating is designed to ensure your film stays in place during the DTF machine process, preventing any wandering or slippage.

The heat-stabilized PET we use guarantees zero shrinkage of your image design after printing, preserving the integrity of your work.

No more worrying about residue on your transfers or garments after heat pressing; our film leaves nothing behind.

Save money on ink costs, hotmelt powder and energy with our efficient and consistent coating technology.


Weight 5 lbs

110 YRD, 25 YRD, 330 YRD, 50 YRD, Free Sample (10YRD), Free Sample (10YRD)


  • Set your heat press to 140°C to 150°C – As low as 120°C for large designs.
  • Apply medium and even pressure across your transfer.
  • Press for 8 seconds to 10 seconds.
  • Instant Hot Peel. Alternatively, you can peel warm or cold without issue.

* Suitable for Cotton, Polyester, mixtures of Polyester/Cotton, Acrylic, Nylon, treated leather and more.

Storage Conditions 
– Temperature: less than 25℃(±3℃)
– ​Relative Humidity: 30%(±20%​)
– ​Keep out of direct sunlight

– Recommended to use immediately after printing.


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