About Us

Who we are?

BDF Graphics, the operating division of BDF Distributions Inc., is a Toronto, Canada, based company, specializing in supplying printing and sign making equipment and supplies. With warehouse and customer services center in Toronto, we are able to provide the best technical support and customer services for our North American customers.

Why us?

  • We prioritize quality, ensuring that every product surpasses industry standards. Our customer-centric approach, marked by transparent communication and reliability, builds trust and exceeds expectations. Additionally, our innovative solutions and adaptability underscore our commitment to staying ahead in the market.

Social Responsibility

We are committed to making a positive impact on our planet and communities. Through eco-friendly practices and community engagement, we strive to create a better, more responsible world. Our company embraces social responsibility, actively contributing to community well-being and sustainable practices.

We carry the products from various manufacturers or brands from US and Canada, including:

What we really do?

Our business focus on printing and sign making equipment and supplies for small to medium sized business and professional service providers

Our Vision

Our success is built on our commitment to our customers. We focus on building long-term trust relationship with you.

Contact Us

If you are looking for great products at great prices, call us today at Toll-free 1-855-502-8988 (local 416-502-8988).

Our solutions are organized into 5 areas:

Ideal tools you wanted so badly for your cutting/trimming, creasing/scoring, perforating, binding, laminating, etc. The products in this category are mostly our own AIP and BDF branded equipment and supplies.

Solution at affordable cost for your sign making needs, including vinyl cutters, FDC Lumina sign vinyls, R Tape application tapes, Hiker grommet presses, SpeedPress Rhino cutting tools, application tools, and more.

Heat presses, vinyl cutters, Neenah heat transfer papers, FDC Lumina heat transfer vinyls that you can use to make custom t-shirts, hoodies, and a lot more.

For your daily packaging needs, including AIP/BDF bag sealers and shrink wrap machines. Simple packaging makes your products more professional.

We carry Silhouette equipment (Cameo, Curio and Mint) and all the supplies you will need for your craft projects.

Our Team